Lord Of The Lost

Hamburg based musician Chris „The Lord“ Harms is not only an extremely versatile singer that can easily manage the entire range between heartfelt clear vocals and aggressive death growls, but also an extremely charismatic character and one of Germany’s most prolific musical talents. Chris has pretty much been a musician all his life, taking up cello lessons at age 5 and singing/playing in rock bands since age 12. With Philiae, The Pleasures, UnterArt and Big Boy, he has been a lot of very prominent bands in the Hamburg scene. With this background, it was only a matter of time until Chris Harms’ unbridled creativity would need its own vehicle of self-expression… LORD OF THE LOST combine charisma, inexhaustible energy, a gripping live presence and a golden hand for lasting tunes, thus being one of the dark scene’s most unique acts, these days. Straight to the heart and right in your face… or to quote Mono Inc.’s Martin Engler: “Lord Of The Lost will either be really big… or I don’t know anything about music.”

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